WeChat – What is it all about?

It began with a pigeon, moved on to telegraph, sustained on telephones, hurried into mobile phone calls and messages and eventually halted at Chatting. Oh Yes! I am talking about communication here. The latest action in the communication arena is of course the mad competition between the cross platform mobile messaging clients. We chat is one such messaging solution which has generated lot of interest in the recent times.

What is WeChat all about?

WeChat has been unveiled somewhere around January 2011. Surprisingly, this instant messaging client is known to enjoy a constant rise in its fan base ever since its introduction. Current statistics state that this particular cross platform mobile messaging client is enjoying a fan base of round about 200 million users.

User Friendly Messaging Client

WeChat is known to sport a highly user friendly interface. The cherry on the cake is that WeChat allows you to add both your phone as well as Facebook contacts. All this, without any hassle. You can easily add your phone contacts by inserting the opposite party’s contact number in the WeChat Add Contact field. Similarly, Facebook friends can be added on the WeChat contact list by hitting on the Facebook Integration button and feeding in your friend’s profile id.

Look Around Feature

You can now locate and also have a rendezvous with all those individuals who are making use of WeChat in your vicinity. This feature stays active within a geographical area of 2 kilometers from the place where you are located. This is possible because of the location based services offered by WeChat. You can explore these location based services by simply going deeper into the Look Around Option.

 Shake it Bebe

Yet another surprising element associated with WeChat is its feature “Shake”. It sounds really funny, but in reality this feature can allow you to find friends based in your country as well as those situated outside your country by simply shaking your phone. The level of innovation set forth by this application helps to set WeChat apart from its rivals.

 Add Ons

Group Video Chat is the most current feature floating on WeChat. With this feature, you can experience endless conversations at a lightning speed. Similarly, you can transfer files such as the likes of images, videos, audio as well as text with absolute ease using WeChat. What is most important is that you can exploit all these features without having to do away with a single penny.

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