How to take a Snapshot on Android

Taking a snapshot of the android phone was earlier a process which was required only for the developers of an app. But these days, a normal user too has a range of needs to take a screenshot of the android screen. The uses varies from showing the high score which one got in a new game to saving the WhatsApp chat window before one deletes the chat.

androidBut to the disappointment of such users, the process of taking a snapshot in an android phone is a pain staking one. It is not as easy as it is to take a screenshot in a computer, as we have a print screen button available to make the work much simpler in the computer. But certain shortcuts and apps are available to make the process an easy one.

Shortcuts available:

Shortcuts for taking a screenshot vary from phone to phone. This is because every time the android version is upgraded, subsequently the shortcut methods are also changed. Let us consider the latest models that have been upgraded in android. The android 4.0 has the shortcut which is the easiest among all of them. One has to just press the power button and volume down button at the same time in order to take a snap shot. Android will then save the snapshot in to the gallery of the phone.

For pre android 4.0 phones, the shortcut used is slightly different. In most of the phones, the screenshot is taken by pressing the home and the power button at the same time. But certain phones are available where the shortcut differs slightly. We would be covering such phones and would explain the procedure in detail in the coming days.

If the android version is less than 2.3, certain apps has to be installed in order to make the process of taking a screen shot possible. Many apps are available in the android marketplace, but it is advisable to see if a particular app is supported in your phone or not, because many apps work on higher android models only. Let us take a look at certain apps that eases out the process of taking a screenshot.

Apps for taking the snap shot:

Numerous is an understatement to describe the number of apps that are available these days for anything. Snapshot apps are also no different. Since the snapshot taking process is somewhat ambiguous, thousands of apps have been developed. But unfortunately not all apps are compatible on all versions of android.

Apps such as Screen Capture and AndroSS run very specifically on Galaxy series and Tegra devices respectively. But it is very important to know the device specific apps and install those for easy usage.

Root apps: There are various apps which could be installed for snapshot process, but one has to go through various stages in order to pass the android wall. This is done for security purposes. The apps could be installed by rooting the android. Many options are provided in the app that could be used for enhancing the snapshot taking process. If you are going to try rooting your phone, be careful, because this may lead to your phone being bricked!

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