How to see your Google Calendar in Outlook 2013

By bringing or importing a snapshot of the Google calendar on to the Outlook, we can watch it along other calendars. To keep the calendar in an up to date form subscribe to Google Calendar in Outlook. There is no other alternative for the calendar update.

First thing to be done to see the Google Calendar in Outlook 2013

Subscription to your Google Calendar

To keep the copy of Google Calendar up to date, an Internet Calendar Subscription is necessary.

  • Log in to your Google Calendar account and you will be able to see columns in the page where the left column should be taken which consists of Calendars.
  • Under the Calendars click the arrow button next to the calendar that you want to add to Outlook as an Internet Calendar Subscription and then select Calendar settings. Calendar settings can be viewed from the Calendar category.

Internet Calendar Subscription (ICAL)

After this comes the set-up of Internet Calendar Subscription (ICAL) this comes under the Private Address.

  • Click on the ICAL.
  • Right-click the Internet Web address that appears.
  • Then click Copy shortcut in the shortcut menu.

Make sure that the link is not clicked and if the link is clicked, the calendar in the Outlook will be opened as a Calendar snapshot and the updates won’t occur. In Outlook, click File –> Account Settings– > AccountSettings.

Internet Calendars tab

  • Then click ‘New’ in the Internet Calendars tab.
  • Paste the Internet web address copied from Internet Calendar Subscription (ICAL) and click Add.

Folder box name

Next step is the Folder box name where the name of the calendar is to be typed as you want to appear in the Outlook and then click OK.

When Outlook is started Google Calendar will be checked upon for any updates and downloads any changes and periodic checking and downloading updates occur if the Outlook is kept open.

Changes made in the Outlook do not make any effect on the Google Calendar and in order to update the Google Calendar open the Google Calendar from a browser.

  • Importing a Calendar from a Google Calendar

The most important step to see the Google Calendar in Outlook 2013 is the bringing or importing a calendar from a Google calendar and these are the necessary steps

  • First log into the Google Calendar account.
  • Click the arrow next to the calendar in the left column you want to import into Outlook and then click Calendar Settings.
  • Then click on the Internet Calendar Subscription (ICAL) under Private Address.
  • Click on the Internet web address of the Calendar in the Calendar Address dialog box.
  • Finally import the calendar into Outlook when prompted.

The Calendar opens in side by side views in the Outlook Calendar. It is also added to the Navigation pane In the Calendar view along with other Calendars.

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