How to Make Working and Commuting Easier

If you regularly work from tablet computers while commuting, you may realize that there are some limitations. You will need to try and type on a touchscreen interface and may struggle to highlight words and copy them. There are a number of accessories that you can buy, without having to spend a lot, to make your commuting work easier.

A Protector or Carrier Case

Anyone with a tablet computer should have one of these. Tablet computers are easily broken – the screen being one of the worst. You never know what will happen, whether your lunch spills in your bag, you drop your device or something knocks it out of your hand. There are many screens and carrier cases available for the various models – and you do not need to opt for the same company that made yours if you want to save money! These cases and screen protectors come in different colors too to help suit your style.

A Roll Up Keyboard

Keyboards are excellent for those who do work from the tablet device. They make it easier to type and you don’t lose part of the screen while typing. There are some keyboards that are even wireless, which means that they work with a variety of products on the market. While you may think about the trouble of carrying the keyboard around, roll up ones are available. These are just like a mat with keys and take up less space than traditional keyboards. You may like yours so much that you end up using it for all your typing needs.

A Mini-Mouse

Mice are great to move the cursor quickly, highlight sections of text and for a more accurate pointing. Touchscreens are great but you need smaller fingers. A mouse will connect to your device and you can use it as if you were on a normal computer. There is also the option of buying a stylus pen, which will make selecting things on your touchpad easier. The stylus pens are much easier to carry around, whether in a pocket, a pencil case or the carrier case.

A Way to Hold the Tablet Up

Tablets are designed to lie flat on a table but this can cause an issue when trying to type and work. You need to find a way to prop the device up safely – and having a pile of books behind is not necessarily safe. There are carrier cases that you can by that roll up behind the tablet to help it stand. These are excellent and offer the grip needed, which means that you can still work on the train.

Portable Speakers

If you like to listen to music or watch videos, the sound system within the tablet may be limited. This is especially the case for tablets that have the speakers on the back when the device is on a table! Portable speakers are definitely worth looking into, whether you listen to the music for fun or you need to communicate via a video feed for work; just keep the people around you in mind if you work while travelling in public.

There are many devices that can be added to your tablet computer to make your life much easier. The majority of these are affordable – the only one that may cost is the portable speakers. Keyboards and a mouse will help turn your tablet into a mini computer while carrier cases will protect it from being damaged. They are worth the money as they could help you make more in your business.

This is a guest post written by Julia. Julia is a tech adviser  She has worked with technology for a number of years and also likes to offer advice for others looking into smart technology and portable devices.

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