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Things to Budget For When Creating Your New Website

When we first sit down to plan out our new business, one of the very first things we do is create a budget. It’s an important tool that helps not only determine whether our new idea is actually a viable way of making money, but also goes a long way in preparing us for what’s […]

DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac – All-in-one DVD Copy Solution

Earlier we had reviewed some of the main features of DVDFab DVD Copy Software in detail. In this article we will tell you more about the DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac and will also explain you the steps in involved in copying DVD in Mac. With the strong possession in the software market, Apple In.c has gained […]

Top 10 Personal WordPress themes 2015

Starting a blog is a bold move, one that requires thought and commitment. Whether you are looking for an avenue to express yourself or hope to make money by generating traffic to your business, you must have a website that is attractive and functional for readers. The first step is finding the best WordPress theme […]

Top 5 Most Durable Pen Drives in the Market

While you have been viciously stuck with numerous options in Pen Drives, the one that has a personalized feel with great performance and excellent design remains the top draw. Easy to plug-in features and helpful backup software with ambient lighting definitely separate the classy Pen drives from the lemon. Here’s my list of Top 5 […]

How to Migrate From WordPress.com to WordPress.org

WordPress.com is a magnificent place when you decide to begin in blogging. You can work on your blogs, and publish on Internet, thus running at no price. When it is time to outgrow a WordPress.com blog, you can easily move towards WordPress.org. Though WordPress.org blogs are self-hosted, still they significantly own more command over your […]

DVDFab DVD Copy Software – Review

DVDFab DVD Copy is one of the best DVD copy software I’ve used. It has 6 copy modes for a custom copy or backup and is very easy to use with step-by-step operation. It can handle all forms of source and output including physical discs and digital files.

Top 7 Smartphones Under 7000 INR

Smart Phones are now the most essential commodity when it comes to electronics and with the Android OS launched in the market is now open to the masses. With so many handsets coming with a massive price cut, the smartphone market is now brewing with a tough competition. Now high end handsets are now available […]

Power Bank : How it has become the next “must-carry” gadget

Technology is running at such a fast pace that some of us are still trying to cope up with it. For the ones who are in love with what science has to offer us, every new gadget or invention that is launched is like a blessing in disguise. One of the most popular gadgets that […]

Top 5 Antivirus Apps for Android

As security is one of the major aspects while using an Android based smartphone, installing a good antivirus app can help you stay immune from the corrupt apps and rogue data. Here’s a list of top 5 Antivirus Apps for Android that not only offer stern security channel but also come with a robust suite […]

Multimeter – All You Wanted to Know

Wondering what is a multimeter? A multimeter is simply an electronic tool which is used for measuring resistance, voltage and continuity. The multimeter tool also measures the presence of AC or Alternating Current and DC or digital current in the circuits. A multimeter is also termed as Volt-Ohm meter, which may be categorised into digital […]