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10 Best Free Android Apps for 2015

Android has managed to grab a sizable chunk of the smartphone operating system market. A lot of third party developers turn to in when they […]

WonderFox Free DVD Ripper Speedy Review

With the great trend of Hollywood Blockbuster, the DVD movie releases grow rapidly and prosperous. As a movie lover, you might have got a lot of DVD collections. Although DVD discs are portable and it can also be played on several types of media device, it’s extremely easy to get damaged due to some minor […]

How to Get Back the Start Menu in Windows 8.1

If you were used to using earlier iterations of Microsoft Windows before introduction of Windows 8, you know just how disorienting Windows 8 was. The lack of a start menu to navigate to different programs and the introduction of the new user interface named the ‘Modern UI’ was enough to confuse more people than ever […]

Facebook will recognize your face, even if you’re hiding it

There’s a good chance that all of us have heard a friend mention that Facebook is getting “creepy”. From making new friend suggestions of people you just met, or developing their face recognition technology, it’s reasonable to believe that Facebook knows more about us than we think. For those who are weary of Facebook recognizing […]

CouponRani Review: For Shopping With More Savings

Anybody who loves to do shopping are also much concerned about more savings. The more they shop, they more they want to save. Shopping without savings has more or less become one of the most dangerous things as you will finally end up with an empty wallet! Online shopping helps you save more and if […]

Why Use a VPN on Your Smartphone?

Smartphones have completely opened up our connectivity. Where laptops allowed us to stay online while we sipped espresso in the local café, the sleek designs and portability of smartphones allow us to manage our lives anywhere. With an app for every aspect of our lives, these pocket sized personal assistants have long since surpassed the […]

How does Mobile Payment App Work?

Mobile payments are defined as payments made using a mobile device to initiate, authorize and confirm an exchange of currency in return for goods or services. This being a new mode of payment is a phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. It may be no small feat that since the concept of making […]

How To Prevent Exam Stress: Best Working Spy Earpiece

Coming up to exam time almost every student experiences a feeling of pressure. That is exam stress. During the revision period before exams it doesn’t let you concentrate; during the exams it makes your mind went blank. Want to know how to avoid it? GSM-Earpiece offers you the most effective method: a tiny spy earpiece. […]

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Unless your cell phone comes with a strong signal receiver unit/antenna, it is general that you may experience low call quality, sudden call drops, slow internet etc. Using a cell phone signal booster is the most effective and convenient way to keep your signals strong in order to make best use of your mobile connection. […]

Top 5 Free PDF Converter Softwares

While it is easy to convert a word file or an excel sheet into PDF format, the vice-versa requires a PDF converter software. Using a PDF converter software you can convert a PDF file into other formats like DOC or DOCX extension. You can then edit the document and re-save it in a PDF format. […]

Great Games that Build a Better Memory

Can you ever achieve a perfect memory? It’s likely you can’t remember an authority mentioning the point of optimal memory, because such a thing does not exist. Therefore, we should all strive to increase our memories throughout our lives, and playing popular games, sleeping well, and eating healthy foods all help. Chess A study proved […]