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10 Best Free Android Apps for 2015

Android has managed to grab a sizable chunk of the smartphone operating system market. A lot of third party developers turn to in when they […]

Top 5 Free PDF Converter Softwares

While it is easy to convert a word file or an excel sheet into PDF format, the vice-versa requires a PDF converter software. Using a PDF converter software you can convert a PDF file into other formats like DOC or DOCX extension. You can then edit the document and re-save it in a PDF format. […]

Great Games that Build a Better Memory

Can you ever achieve a perfect memory? It’s likely you can’t remember an authority mentioning the point of optimal memory, because such a thing does not exist. Therefore, we should all strive to increase our memories throughout our lives, and playing popular games, sleeping well, and eating healthy foods all help. Chess A study proved […]

Creating Presentation with Google Slides

How effective is PowerPoint when preparing your talks, classes or even presentations that you automatically default to Microsoft Application? If you give a lot of talks, and you always use PowerPoint, now it’s time to switch from Microsoft PowerPoint to Google slides. Google slides are ideal for collaboration. With Google slide templates you will enjoy […]

Why Your Business Needs VoIP

If you are a small or medium business, a phone system is likely to be one of your most valuable assets.  One of your most used also.  So picking a phone system you can rely on is sometimes a complicated task. Ultimately though, you have two options – the traditional phone system that relies on […]

Is BlackBerry’s Newest Entry Level Phone a ‘Leap’ of Faith

The BlackBerry brand has lost much of its luster over the years, with the firm seeing its share of the smartphone market slowly eaten away by rivals like Apple and Android. Once the darling of professionals everywhere, the reliable BlackBerry has given way to today’s trendier handsets. But the plucky Canadian firm isn’t ready to […]

USB Type C – All You Wanted to Know

At CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2015, USB manufacturer’s forum demonstrated USB Type C, while MSI proclaims its first gaming motherboard and laptop that helps this new association standard. It took place in Las Vegas at CES 2015, where USB manufacturers with Intel showcased a quick and appreciable demonstration of USB 3.1 Type-C capabilities. It may […]

Mobile SEO – 10 Best Tips for eMarketers

In the recent times mobile search has been the current discussion topic in the world of SEO. It is fairly said that mobile search is extensively moving ahead in quick way offering valuable mobile SEO, and also delivering successful mobile search campaigns to the eMarketers. As more number of people is searching their queries from […]

How to Embed Facebook Video in your web pages

Just like we embed YouTube videos on web pages,  we may have a similar requirements even for videos hosted in Facebook. In this write up we will take you through simple steps that will help you to embed Facebook video on multiple web pages and platforms. Step 1: Find the video that you want to embed. […]

How to Remove Password from PDF file using Google Chrome

We all receive important documents, credit card statements, bank statements and such other information in form of PDF files. And since they contain sensitive and personal information, they all can be opened using passwords only. If you take a look and delete them after sometime then it is alright. But just imagine if you want […]

5 Best Firefox Extensions

Add a lot more utility to Firefox with various featured add ons and extensions to Firefox. Here we give you a peek into the best Firefox extensions that let you work faster, better and much more efficiently. They add new features, give a better browsing experience and basically help you customize your Firefox installation according […]