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LG G Flex 2

CES is an IT service company which is there to help improve the business and techno goals of the clients. It focuses on helping customers with information and technology solutions and providing domain knowledge. For the year 2015, it has come up with the top 5 smartphones which will be technologically well fit and will suit […]

Latest Features in the New Mobile Workstations

Man on laptop

If you haven’t been in the market for laptops recently, you might be surprised by the kind of innovations that are currently revolutionizing the industry. Modern mobile workstations offer cutting-edge display solutions aimed at automating business functions and making computing easy, pleasurable, and versatile. Entrepreneurs now have powerful tools and resources on hand to deliver […]

How to Speed UP PC – 5 Easy to Follow Steps

It can be very frustrating when you have to wait too long for your PC to perform certain tasks. There are many different reasons that will lead to the performance of your PC being slowed down. You can ensure your PC is performing the best it possibly can be. This will provide the best user […]

Regression Testing Of Relational Database by Remote DBA Experts

The relational database management systems can contain a large amount of critical data which is required to be updated in the regular basis through different applications. If a regression test can run throughout the whole system, the data quality can be ensured with a proper security. Purpose of Testing: Before doing the test, you need […]

How To Manage Email Using Mobile


You bought a smartphone but have no clue how to manage email and the flurry of related applications. Well, to make it big in business and stay connected with the list of mailers, you ought to know that mobiles today are called ‘smart’ for all the right reasons. Today, you can pluck mails in any […]

Small Business Marketing on Facebook

With Facebook being one of the largest social media sites it is no surprise that it is also one of the top free ways to advertise and market businesses of all sizes.  One niche in the business market that has not taken full advantage of what Facebook offers is the small business sector.  All of […]

How to Speed Up Torrent for Faster File Downloads

how to speed up torrent

Turbocharging your downloads using bittorrent is easier said than done. A lot of the file downloading is governed by a swarm, but sometimes, the network you’re on can affect the download speed too. Whether you’re new to bittorrent or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s almost always a way to rev up your client engine. Following […]

Panasonic P55 Vs Motorola Moto G (Gen 2)


The world of the smartphones is surely rife with cutthroat rivalries. However, the toughest of the battles are fought among the more affordable smartphone models in the market. The lower rungs of the smartphone market are intensely tougher grounds as the competition levels are much higher here unlike the premium smartphone market where only the […]

Cloud Backup Robot – The Perfect Windows Backup Software

One of the top Windows Backup Software is Cloud Backup Robot. This software makes the creation of backups for files, folders and even SQL Server databases extremely easy, simple and convenient. This software allows you to configure it just once and enjoy one-click backups by just pressing the ‘Backup Button’.  You can choose from backup […]

Getting An iPhone 6 For Christmas? Finish It Off With A Smartphone Skin

iphone 6 skin

Of all the possible presents under the tree, the new iPhone 6 is definitely at the top of the list. The conception of iPhones has changed from a cultural curiosity to a status symbol to a daily fact of modern life. While the age of waiting by the telephone for someone to call you is […]