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How to Remove Password from PDF file using Google Chrome

We all receive important documents, credit card statements, bank statements and such other information in form of PDF files. And since they contain sensitive and personal information, they all can be opened using passwords only. If you take a look and delete them after sometime then it is alright. But just imagine if you want […]

5 Best Firefox Extensions

Add a lot more utility to Firefox with various featured add ons and extensions to Firefox. Here we give you a peek into the best Firefox extensions that let you work faster, better and much more efficiently. They add new features, give a better browsing experience and basically help you customize your Firefox installation according […]

How to Monitor Employees – 3 Easy to Follow Steps

We are living in a world which is highly dominated by severe competition. ‘Survival of the fittest’ is undoubtedly the best phrase which can be used to denote the competition which is prevailing in the modern world. We can see immense competition in all areas of our living, and the ‘Business sector’ is no different. […]

How to Setup Home Theater System

A Home Theater system’s essence depends on the room in which its entire setting is placed. Buying a good Home Theater system is worthwhile only if it’s complimented with the correct setting. Setting up speakers & home theaters can be tedious, but then it can also be as simple as it can get. The following […]

How to Make Your Slides Visually Attractive to Your Audience ?

The PowerPoint presentation must leave a visual impact on the minds of the audience. You can use various attractive power slides which is available in powerslides.com as those can produce visual impact. Now, let us go through some essential tips by which you can convert your slides into attractive visual aids: Good Quality Pictures: You […]

Things to Budget For When Creating Your New Website

When we first sit down to plan out our new business, one of the very first things we do is create a budget. It’s an important tool that helps not only determine whether our new idea is actually a viable way of making money, but also goes a long way in preparing us for what’s […]

DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac – All-in-one DVD Copy Solution

Earlier we had reviewed some of the main features of DVDFab DVD Copy Software in detail. In this article we will tell you more about the DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac and will also explain you the steps in involved in copying DVD in Mac. With the strong possession in the software market, Apple In.c has gained […]

Top 10 Personal WordPress themes 2015

Starting a blog is a bold move, one that requires thought and commitment. Whether you are looking for an avenue to express yourself or hope to make money by generating traffic to your business, you must have a website that is attractive and functional for readers. The first step is finding the best WordPress theme […]

Top 5 Most Durable Pen Drives in the Market

While you have been viciously stuck with numerous options in Pen Drives, the one that has a personalized feel with great performance and excellent design remains the top draw. Easy to plug-in features and helpful backup software with ambient lighting definitely separate the classy Pen drives from the lemon. Here’s my list of Top 5 […]

How to Migrate From WordPress.com to WordPress.org

WordPress.com is a magnificent place when you decide to begin in blogging. You can work on your blogs, and publish on Internet, thus running at no price. When it is time to outgrow a WordPress.com blog, you can easily move towards WordPress.org. Though WordPress.org blogs are self-hosted, still they significantly own more command over your […]