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free android apps 2014

Top 7 Free Android Apps 2014

There are so many apps out there right now, it’s hard to know which ones are worth the money. Even the free ones are overloading [...]

Advantages of using Animation while creating Websites

Animation has already proven millions of times that it can help in increasing the outlook of the website. Even if the site is of a business class, proper use of animation can increase the face value of a company within a jiffy. Proper addition of motion can give rise to the functional and meaningful segment [...]

4 Things to consider while choosing a Website Design Company

Website designing is a significantly diverse field. Without going into the coding aspect, primarily the graphic design artists need to develop web templates. The coders then work on activating this template according to different designing protocols. There are several key elements into selecting a suitable web design enterprise. You need to find a service delivering [...]

Effective Web Designing Strategies To Impress Visitors

Innovation and simplicity are two key element of effective web designing. If you want your potential customers to buy your products and services, you should keep the design simple. You should not make the visitors think. Most visitors look for information which can be obtained easily and is useful. Ensure that the information and message [...]

Top 7 Free Android Apps 2014

free android apps 2014

There are so many apps out there right now, it’s hard to know which ones are worth the money. Even the free ones are overloading your device. But, for every bad app, there are many more good ones out there worth checking out. Below is a list of 7 free android apps for 2014.    [...]

Training Options for IT Certifications That Carry the Most Clout

In the information technology field, you are only as relevant as your training makes you. By earning and maintaining certifications, you can demonstrate that you are competent to handle whatever challenges may come up in the workplace. Whether you are a project manager, security specialist or a server administrator, earning and maintaining an industry-specific credential [...]

5 Steps for getting started with WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blog site in the world so it’s likely that you may want to use it for either your personal or business blog. Blogging is easy and you can usually set up a basic WordPress blog in just a matter of minutes. However, there are many things you can do to [...]

How to Convert PDF Online Fast and Free

convert pdf online

Finding free software and applications on the Internet is not too difficult today. There are free alternatives to most commercial office productivity applications, file and computer managers. This abundance is good as it is great to have choice even if you can’t afford the cutting-edge, expensive software that other professionals use and talk about. But, [...]

How to Remove Post Meta and Post Info from Genesis 2.0 HTML 5 Theme

Genesis, being the most popular commercial WordPress theme in the market, provides many customization options for the web masters. But, still I feel it could have been better if it had direct support for customizing few basic options like Post Info and Post Meta. After installing the Genesis child theme, most of us may have a requirement [...]

Differences to look out for when choosing a cloud server

There are many different types of cloud servers, and the differences can become a little overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. For example, do you need an IaaS cloud server, or would a basic host be better for your needs? While cloud servers are fairly new, it’s rather easy to find the [...]